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So what's stopping you? Often we feel that despite our best efforts and intentions we are somehow subconsciously sabotaging ourselves, preventing ourselves from achieving what we would like from our health or even from our life.  For some of us we know the path we need to take, we just can't take it.  For others the path itself is obscured.  We are often told to "just get over it" or "let it go and move on".   Easier said than done and sometimes even thinking differently or positively is not enough.  The solution is not just at the conscious level although that's certainly half the story - awareness and understanding do make a big difference.  The other half of the story and perhaps the most significant part is what lies beneath - the subconscious.  This is where changes begin, action happens and the solutions are implemented.  This is also what stops us.  Nothing to do with will power, intention or commitment which all happen in the conscious mind.  Although we can cognitively influence the subconscious, it is far more efficient and effective to communicate with the subconscious directly.  Get the solution happening at a deeper level and as effective as this is, it's still not the start of the story.  Every story needs a beginning and yours starts at the heart, living life from this point onwards is joyful and the closer we get to it the healthier and happier we will be.  At Easternview Resolve Clinic we offer the opportunity to clear away those limitations that are preventing you from living the life you want and having the health you want.  Make an appointment today and experience the possibilities for yourself.

Symptoms vs. Solutions

"Healing is a matter of time, but it is also sometimes a matter of opportunity." -Hippocrates

Many natural health practitioners talk about getting to the "cause" of symptoms so how are we any different?  First let's look at what symptoms are.  They are the expression of a problem, the messenger saying something is wrong.  Treating symptoms is important in terms of managing them so they don't adversely affect our lives but removing or managing symptoms doesn't always solve the problem.  The body will find another way to get the message out although we often don't connect different symptoms to an expression of the same problem.

So what does it mean to get behind the symptoms to the cause? For many practitioners it means applying a technique to the symptom to provide often temporary relief.  Some claim to look behind the symptom(s) often looking for a biochemical, nutritional or energy "cause".  At Easternview we ask why - and keep asking why - until we find out what set that particular symptom pattern up in the first place and what triggers are maintaining it.  Once this is resolved the body doesn't need to compensate for the problem by producing symptoms.

It is also a layered approach.  Often we are spending so much energy managing the symptoms that we don't have enough to get to the bottom line and resolve the cause.  Although this does occasionally happen, for most of us a session will be making some space in the mind to work on the problem and move it towards resolution.  It's a bit like a filing system with current files spread out across a desk waiting to be filed into archive - a place where we don't need to think about them any more or spend any energy on them.  If there is space to work, there is space to resolve.  The more open files on the desk the more energy we spend managing them while we try to work out where or how to put them away.  It is when we are unable to file them away that we encounter problems.  So what stops us? 

Unresolved Stuff

When we experience trauma, shock or anything unexpected in our lives we try to make sense of it, that is we try to understand what it means to us and weave that experience and understanding into the fabric of our lives.  Like an autobiography, we are "writing" our story all the time, from the moment we were conceived until the day we die.  It's when we can't understand, we don't know what it means to us that problems arise.  Add some time to the mix and more unresolved experiences and things become more problematic as we have less and less energy to sort it out.  This can be compounded if we start to worry that this experience might happen again and we drop into a sustained fight and flight response.

Flight and Fight

Flight and fight is a primal reflex designed to help us survive.  It is a physiological response that the brain uses in times of trauma and stress and is absolutely essential to our survival.  We usually drop out of this response once the threat is resolved.  However it is in times when we are unable to resolve the threat that we remain in a sustained flight and fight response which results in often significant health issues.  Today's "threats" are far different from that of our ancestors. Instead of tigers or marauders, we have difficult sustained situations such as issues at work, relationship problems, unresolved childhood trauma, and many more.  By resolving these issues we shift from merely survival to really living.

A new approach

By targeting the unresolved stuff we are able to directly influence the subconscious to "see" the solution.  While symptoms are important, to a Resolve Practitioner they are the signposts that point the way to where the problem is coming from as well as what the mind needs to resolve it and move on. 

Scientific advances

Tapping into the significant advances in recent years in relation to trauma and unresolved experience and the psychological impacts of these allows us to apply the latest knowledge to our approach.  Neuroplasticity extends these resources and with understanding and awareness comes the complete package.

Dynamic evolution

Constant and ongoing research and development into this exciting new natural therapy means that we aren't standing still - every new year brings new information that we can incorporate into what we do making it constantly evolving and offering better and better solutions each time.