About Us

Re-discover your health and wellbeing at Easternview Resolve Clinic.  Our focus is to provide quality natural health services aimed at resolving issues and stresses for you and your family.  Anyone at any age has the potential to benefit from what we do here at Easternview Resolve Clinic.

About Us

Located in Wollongong, NSW and established in 1995, Easternview has a long history of providing professional natural health services.

Our Vision

To blend the benefits of western medicine with the principles and philosophies of eastern medicine in order to provide a wholistic approach to health and wellbeing.  This not only addresses the elimination of symptoms but does so with an emphasis on investigating and resolving the reasons why the symptoms appear in the first place. 

Our Mission

To increase the awareness and understanding our clients have of how they arrived at where they are, why they have the particular expression of the problem and how to resolve it.  By highlighting the connectedness we have between all parts of ourselves, particularly beyond the physical, we empower clients to become participants in their healing journey rather than passengers.

Our Focus

To effect noticeable changes and solutions for people by researching and applying the latest in scientific development and study through our unique and ground breaking natural approach.  We aim to provide real opportunities for change for those who feel that they have "tried everything" and not improved. 

What to Expect

Each session lasts for one hour.  There is on occasion some tactile (touch) involvement although this is light and non-invasive.  Some conversation is required to describe your situation but most of the "discussion" occurs at the subconscious level.  The objective is to use investigative techniques to establish the exact nature of what is happening, make connections in the neurology to determine the many aspects of the situation and then supply resources that the brain can use to assist in resolving the issue.  We recommend that you allow at least 3 sessions to assess how it might work for you.  Remote sessions are also available and more information can be found on our contact us page.

What our clients say

  • “Carolyn has helped me manage my anxiety without medication. She has assisted me in resolving a number of the underlying issues that were continuing to cause flare-ups in my anxiety. Carolyn has also done a lot of work with my son in helping him overcome toileting issues. Through her work we are uncovering and resolving problems that could not be achieved though medical assistance alone.”
    -- Elizabeth, 39
  • “My breathing has improved so much and my panic attacks are now a thing of the past. I have noticed so many improvements in my life and I now feel that I am on track.”

    -- Will, 68
  • “After the session yesterday I had the best night sleep I have had in years! Thank you.”
    -- Janice, 51
  • “My life has changed. I can’t tell you how much coming to see you has meant to me. I feel so much better in myself. Thank you.”
    -- Emily, 23
  • “My family and I have used the services of Carolyn and Easternview Resolve Clinic for many years now and have always found the experience to be exceptionally beneficial to our mental and physical health. She is very thorough in her pre– and post– evaluation of the assistance required and this has helped us overcome many health crises. I would highly recommend Carolyn and Easternview Resolve Clinic to anyone looking for resolution to their health problems.”
    -- Rebecca, 42

Our Team

Carolyn Farnan

Carolyn has had a long exposure to natural therapy over the past 20 years and has studied Kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, psychology and more recently Resolve Beyond Neurology. 

In 2014 Carolyn decided to focus full-time on being a Resolve Practitioner and is now the principal practitioner at Easternview Resolve Clinic.

Valerie Walters (Retired)

With over 20 years experience, Valerie is a respected professional Resolve practitioner, trainer and researcher with a background in Kinesiology and Chinese Medicine.

In April 2015, Valerie retired as a practitioner to focus on the ongoing research and development of Resolve Beyond Neurology as well as training a new team of practitioners in her amazing work.

Resolve Beyond Neurology

An innovative and investigative natural therapy, Resolve Beyond Neurology represents the next evolution in natural therapy.  Developed in 2011 by Valerie Walters, this exciting new natural therapy is yielding outstanding results for clients. 

If you are interested in learning more about Resolve or perhaps you'd like to become a practitioner, please contact us.

Find us

Fernhill is located on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, Australia, in Wollongong. To view a map, get directions and find out more about Wollongong, visit our contact page.